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Welcome to “The Store”, a place where I will put up some of my items that I think others might find interesting. I’m not into the “making money” scene, but if I “sell” something, it will be at or near cost and as a donation.

Edgar Bobble Head


Edgar Bobble Head Why, yes, this IS a bobble head of myself. I found a company nearby that makes these wonderful items and ordered myself a bunch so that everyone could enjoy a little Edgar all the time. Its about 1 lb in weight, 7 inches tall, and just as handsome as me.

Currently, for United States deliveries, I have set up a donation of $20 USD to cover shipping and basically what it cost me to have them made. You can get one for less if you can physically meet me and get it from me. International shipping, please ask me and I can go figure that out case by case. I am also trying to see how this shipping stuff works, so I can try and get discounts wherever possible.

I want everyone that wants a bobble head to end up with one so I will do my best to assist with this so contact me first! Please enter your mailing address in the notes field so I know where to mail the bobble head.

$20.00 USD

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    […] donating $50 USD (what I donated) or more can contact me and I will send you one of my coveted Edgar bobble heads as a thank you for helping my friend. Its Tuesday and Sunday is not that far off. Help Amy meet her […]

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    […] managed to successfully stop being sad and depressed. It truly worked! This is why I bought so many bobble heads. So many people thought I was crazy to do this. What I was doing was giving myself the confidence […]

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    […] as well make things a little better by reducing stress in our lives. Sometimes a symbol helps, my bobble head helps to calm me and to remind me what it is I am trying to do this year. Sometimes its the thought […]

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