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“Well, birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we’ve grown. No matter how desperate we are that someday a better self will emerge, with each flicker of the candles on the cake, we know it’s not to be, that for the rest of our sad, wretched pathetic lives, this is who we areto the bitter end. Inevitably, irrevocably; happy birthday? No such thing.” – Jerry Seinfeld

I’d like to disprove Jerry this year. How better than to have a Karaoke Birthday Party! I’ve done this for a few years now, and it is SO MUCH FUN! Join me, on Saturday, April 10th from 7pm and on for some wacky fun. As one of my close friends called it, my “Dirty Thirty” is upon me… I aim to celebrate. I have so much to give thanks for, one of which is you. You, my friends. I thank that you are in my life, so come on out, bring your friends and let’s party it up!

I set up a Facebook Event, so friend me if you haven’t, or just comment here if you can make it. I’d like a head count, we MAY need more than one room… one year we bled out into the hallways of the establishment lol.

Lincoln Karaoke is an awesome place with PRIVATE ROOMS, so no need waiting for the “DJ” to “pull” your name, when they’re really just calling up their friends and best tippers. Located just south of Bryn Mawr on Lincoln Ave. Check them out here: http://www.lincolnkaraoke.com. There’s a full bar and an appetizer menu. Here’s a small set of pictures of my bday in 2008, it shows one of the rooms http://www.flickr.com/photos/rsutphin/sets/72157608769139593/

So please mark your calendars and bring your singing voices!

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln (Karaoke)

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I’d like to say that my friends on twitter are most definitely “Leet” I currently have 1337 followers.

Thought this geeky achievement was worthy of noting… I usually don’t talk about my numbers because, as I’ve said before, it isn’t really the follows you have, but the followings you yourself have made. Most, not all, of the people I follow on twitter, I have met or made some sort of connection and would love to meet. Mostly, if someone interacts with me and makes a point to do so, I end up following back.

I avoid following most celebrities, unless I just really enjoy them or they are friends with someone I know. I will be proud when I hit 1k follows because I would have known most of them personally.

Anyway, as a geek, 1337 has a special meaning and it is the reason for today’s post.

Have a wonderful day!

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