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Disease does not occur unexpectedly, it is the result of constant violation of Nature’s laws. Spreading and accumulation of such violations transpire suddenly in the form of a disease – but it only seems sudden. – Hippocrates


I knew it was coming, I saw it coming… I mean, I had high blood pressure and I am pretty overweight. No surprise here. It still stung when the doctor told me I had the d-word. Two weeks ago, I went in to have my glucose levels tested. I think its called the oral glucose test, which is done to pregnant women usually. They draw blood three times, the first while fasting, then they give me this orange goo that is very sugary and every hour they draw more blood for two hours.

Basically, in my case, my cells aren’t very glucose-hungry. It seems that insulin is used to coax cells to “eat” glucose to burn it for energy. In some types of diabetes, the body isn’t producing enough insulin, while in others that level is fine, its just that the cells don’t want/need much sugar/glucose as in my case. The medicine prescribed will make them want to. This is my understanding from what I read about it.

Ultimately, it was caught early enough, and during my Year of the Edgar, which means that I can easily deal with this and more than likely it can and will go away. This morning I tested myself when I woke up and the number was 176. The doctor says that “normal” levels are between 70 and 120. Today was also the first day of taking the medicine, which I took after testing myself. Two hours after lunch, two hours after a meal is preferred, I tested myself again and the number was 121. Excellent, right? Possibly, if I can keep my sugar down, I may also lose my high blood pressure. Pretty cool, eh?

Bottom line, watch what you eat. If you deem that its not healthy, too much fast foods, or high in sugar, carbs, and/or fat, get yourself tested. Definitely get tested if you are overweight, especially if its obesity. If you don’t have insurance, then please find a free clinic or save up some money to do this… your health is VERY important.

This just gives me more incentive to lose weight. It will definitely be a good year.

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After the gym, or a night of drinking... same look.

After the gym, or a night of drinking... same look.

I haven’t been to the gym in a month. FAIL, I know… but I HAVE been doing stuff for this health goal. Since I started working at my current job, my coworkers have been very supportive and have even given me tips and suggestions about cutting out lots of things from my diet.

I started to, but I would quickly revert and indulge much too much on food. Its just so tasty! Now, I also read about it being a lifestyle change, but never really heeded it. Then I take a four-day trip out to Los Angeles to hob-nob with some celebs. Here is where I met Ryon, programmer and health enthusiast among so many other interesting things. We literally spent hours discussing health and diet and nutrition and other things related. It was very interesting too. This man can present.

I took to heart what everyone has been telling me at that point and began to actively watch my eating habits and choosing better choices. Its not perfect, I still enjoy bad-no-no food, but less so.

Last night, I went to the gym, with my coworker/gym buddy, and found out I had lost about 20 lbs. in this time. Wonderful news! My changes have now shown some success! Yes folks, this is, in fact, happening.

As 2008 ended, I thought to myself about how I could make 2009 better. This is one facet of my Year of the Edgar (all rights reserved) idea. Since its my year, I decided to actively work towards better health. Simply because I want to. Its an alien idea, I know, but I am tired of wanting to do something and then think “but I know I won’t do it.” That’s bunk and I am about to prove to everyone that if you want it, and do it, it will happen (within reason, don’t stalk someone!).

I say again, make this year as active as possible and write that script/book/whatever, or film that short/movie/skit, or get healthy/workout more, or learn a new language/an instrument/ a new hobby, or network and meet new people… whatever your heart desires is just but a “do” away.

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