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From all of us here at the Los Cinco Mexicanos Edgar Band, we wish you a very happy whatever you celebrate or don’t. Festivus!

Just wanted to take the time and wish everyone I know and don’t know a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope that your year was all that you hoped for and now you have an idea of how to make the next year that much better. You are awesome!

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You know what, this “Happy Pi Day” thing you guys do every year, with actual pies hurts. Both me AND Wilford Brimley. We can’t have any pie due to the BEETUS and it isn’t fair that you guys get to enjoy them while me and Brim, I call him Brim we’re cool like that, sit on the sidelines.

Not cool, peoples, not cool! It is SO not cool that I will let my bud Brim tell you about the BEETUS in a little remix…

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