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Here I go again, opening my not-so-big-mouth and getting myself more work. I am one of a trio of people currently working on the next Twitter-inspired social media experiment.

You heard right, it is a dating site, of sorts. See my Twitter life, as short as it has been, has been very fruitful. I’ve avoided adding people myself, and most of them have for one reason or another added me first. Leah Jones is one such woman.

Leah is a blogger, and on Twitter and other social sites. Recently, one of her tweets was about her friend, trying to set him up on a date. Ten days ago… She then continued by reinforcing how serious she was that same night. A few days later, she updated us on her successful possible matchmaking. This is where I come in. I engage her by asking how much her matchmaking services are, then mention how a leahjonesdating site would solve all those problems. This quickly grew to what it almost is now. I say that because it is and will be a work in progress for a while.

Currently, you can see a splash logo/page here http://atleahjones.com that Ezra Butler, from Jerusalem, one of Leah’s many friends/contacts, created. He is working on the design. I am working on the guts/tech, and Leah will be the pretty face to this project. She will also take the biggest role by seriously interviewing her friends first, then slowly adding others, by blogging about them and giving them her seal of approval. Leah will be featuring people from all walks of life, it won’t be a set type, I mean, I will probably definitely be showcased. We’re working out the kinks on how to handle communications, but as I said, work in progress.

Leah’s recent blog post is about this and is called Building a Better Dating Site. I think giving it the personal touch Leah will be giving, is the secret to building a better dating site. I’ve had to learn how to set up an image map to link our Twitter accounts on the existing splash page. I also had to figure out how to set up an email relay to work with the blog. Since I am hosting it. I may end up moving it though.

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