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October 31st not only represents Halloween to me. It was my first day at work at Northwestern University eight wonderful years ago. Since then, I got to work with a great bunch of coworkers at NUBIC (Bioinformatics Core back then). Now, I work with another set of great coworkers at Northwestern University’s Library in Evanston. But this status isn’t about them, I will post something on them also.

I had the opportunity to meet and work with some great people and since my departure, a year ago, a bunch of them have also moved on. The Edgar-centric in me would consider, without me, it just wasn’t the same. Of course I kid, I mean I may have been missed, but I only act like I’m full of myself. And with that in mind, I’d like to follow my tradition one final time and include a JibJab of myself and some of my coworkers in celebration of Halloween. If you aren’t in this, it is simply because there weren’t enough characters or I did not readily have your headshot. Also, these players I have used in prior years. Y’all thought you were safe weren’t you?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Last year, a company named Euclideon from Australia, came out with Unlimited Detail Technology showing infinite point cloud data being run in real-time using only software. Instead of using polygons, they said they could use atoms. They had very little to show for it, especially since processing this amount of detail was questionable at best. Now, after a year of work, they have released what they have and it is amazing.

It’s been a busy year, and all is going very well; we only have 9 people working here, but will be hiring a few more soon. We also have another piece of technology that isn’t graphics, but does something game related that’s also pretty clever, but we’ll keep that secret for now.

They will soon make a developer’s kit and release it out to the gaming companies.


Short URL: http://is.gd/gaminggraphics

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