Edgar of all trades

Master of all (AWS)

Edgar Garcia, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on April 11, 1980, is a senior software developer (currently maintaining PRIMO/ALMA ILS) by day and a table-top go-go dancer by night. Well, not really a dancer… Edgar is a problem solver and loves being creative. He loves to help people when he can, usually website-related, and he would love to start writing and somehow get into the entertainment business in some way. Programming is his first love though. He doesn’t really speak in third person, by the way.

Edgar is currently NOT single (awesome-badass fiancé is both awesome and badass – July 22nd 2016!!!), and enjoys movies (horror the best) and video games. A dork for sure, with a side of coolness (hopefully). He is a comedian and loves reading fiction and sometimes non-fiction.

Son of two Mexican immigrants, his heritage gives him a sense of family and thus has lots of love to give to friends and family. He is first-generation and also first in his family to complete college and has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Computer Information Systems.

You can check out Edgar’s IMDB page for his brief entertainment credits. He hopes to add to them!

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