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Happy New Year, everyone. As you celebrate, or stay home or however you will pass this change of years, I want you to think about this past year.

No, don’t reflect on all the tragic events. That’s just too sad. No. They will have way more time for mourning. No. I want to focus on what 2013 needs to be for me. And to a lesser extent for you.

See, this past year in 2012, someone got something in their lives that I’ve wanted for a while. Some of you have wanted as well. Well, two people got this, really.

Issac proposed to his girlfriend. In a very ingenious way. You may have seen it. Please watch it once more. Every time I see this I get teary-eyed. It gives me hope. I am a hopeless romantic, and wish for the magic of love. I just know it is out there. I want to fall in love. Hard. I want her to do the same. Life just isn’t fair without it. If you are lucky enough to have found it already, please, PLEASE, don’t let it go. Appreciate it. Appreciate them. Know that some of us aren’t as lucky. We are living life without them still. But we are looking. I am looking. I will find her. Until then. There is hope. Watch the video. It still makes me teary-eyed every time.

Happy New Year.

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