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Today while working away at work, one of my follows, Terry @docmidnight Grant, owner of @3rdcoastcomics and basically Encyclopedia Comictannica, posted the following tweet:

@docmidnight tweet - I told this little kid that all super heroes loved comics, even Batman. He said maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. #littlecynics

It was pretty harmless I’d say, but I quickly thought of the recent heroes from Avengers obviously and I figured that the Cap himself, Steve Rogers probably wasn’t a comic book reader and was probably indifferent to them:

@egspoony - Captain America did not read comics

Now, this is with only really remembering the recent origins from the movie and the animated Avengers movies. Again, I don’t need to remind you that Terry is good at his job, so I was a little hesitant with my statement, but I figured “Hey… Steve was a little guy but wanted to do big things. His main focus was the war at the time.” Terry’s argument was similar in that Rogers was a little guy bullied, of course he read comics!

Well, Terry, you were right, of course. Using the Earth-616 as our actual cannon, since it is basically what the comics are supposed to be, I looked up his biography. On wikipedia.

By early 1940, before America’s entry into World War II, Rogers is a tall but scrawny fine arts student specializing in illustration, and a comic book writer and artist, a career he willingly set aside upon his transformation into Captain America. Despite some forays into graphics, Steve Rogers never created another character.

Well, shit. I’m eating my words. Hard.

Mr. Grant, I respectfully bow down to your greatness, which was the obvious destination where this was headed when I first thought to question Captain America’s geekiness.

And while I have you here, dear reader, let me point you to something else the great Terry Grant learned me about…

The Hero Initiative. It is a financial safety net for comic creators created by a consortium of comic publishers. This provide medical aid and assistance with living to our older generation of comic creators. People probably without any retirement backups, etc. Terry pointed to an article by The Comics Reporter about at least donating the cost of a movie ticket for every comics-related movie you go see, like The Avengers. Or any movie!

Check out what you can do here.

In summation, Terry Grant is ALWAYS RIGHT, and DONATE to The Hero Initiative to show your appreciation for our comic books/movies.

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