Edgar of all trades

Master of all (AWS)

Deep in the heart of Alband, the Gnomish capital in the continent of Eronon, the mad Mage-King Belrand conferred with his council. War was on his mind. The civil war ended not but a few moons ago, but he had only known war since birth.

When the late King Alband III had gone into the long cold sleep in a manner queerly
Five years after King Alband III, Belrand’s father, had gone into the long cold sleep in a manner queerly suspect leaving son as King, the young mage by some means defeated and consolidated all of the Gnomish Eronon and now, but three lunar cycles later, the warmachine is being readied. A map with the latest updated information lay across the table between he and his generals. On the left lay Eronon with city points and troop strengths. On the right, past the Lycernian Sea, lay Garns. What information bought through the traders added to that side of the map.

The various realms of Garns did not know what awaited them. Soon they would be ruled by King Belrand.

In a nondescript northern village within Garns, Edgar awoke with a start. War is coming. There was a sense of dread. He knew what he had to do. With the rest of the realm in turmoil, there was only one force he could turn to. The Unicorn Kingdom in South Garns. Edgar needed to make leave quick.

To Be Continued… Below is a preview of the EPIC battle.

This drawing was commissioned and paid for. Check out the artist on twitter @RemyKat and visit her blog, http://remykat.weebly.com/. Thanks Remy!

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3 Responses

  1. Remy Says:

    Hah awesome story! I keep saying this, but I had a lot of fun drawing this for you 🙂

  2. Jo Says:

    Noooo! Don’t let the evil Belrand win! Save the world, you’re our only hope, Edgar!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Also, in other news, my new name is Jo, apparently.

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