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I’ve listened to this video several times since I first heard it earlier last month. It is in Spanish (Spain) by the group La Oreja De Van Gogh (Van Gogh’s Ear). It is simply called Jueves which means Thursday.

What follows is the lyrics with basically a translation of what is happening. Then, I will explain why today for me was different than any other day when I watched/heard this song.

It tells the love story of a woman that takes the commuter train daily, seeing the same guy on the opposite side of the train car. The woman is singing to him (in her mind).

Si fuera más guapa y un poco más lista
Si fuera especial, si fuera de revista
Tendría el valor de cruzar el vagón
Y preguntarte quién eres.

The first verse talks about how she wishes she were prettier, like from a magazine, and smarter. How she wishes she were bold enough to cross the train car and ask him his name.

Te sientas en frente y ni te imaginas
Que llevo por ti mi falda más bonita.
Y al verte lanzar un bostezo al cristal
Se inundan mis pupilas.

She talks about how she dresses up in her best skirt as he sits in front of her and doesn’t even realizes this. Seeing him yawn through a reflection (on some crystal) her eyes tear up.

De pronto me miras, te miro y suspiras
Yo cierro los ojos, tú apartas la vista
Apenas respiro me hago pequeñita
Y me pongo a temblar

He suddenly looks at her, she looks back and he sighs. She closes her eyes and he looks away. She can barely breathe and she makes herself tiny and she begins to tremble.

Y así pasan los días, de lunes a viernes
Como las golondrinas del poema de Bécquer
De estación a estación enfrente tú y yo
Va y viene el silencio.

So the days go by, Monday through Friday, like the swallows in Beckquer’s poem, from station to station him and her, Comes and goes (the days) in silence.

This verse repeats: He suddenly looks at her, she looks back and he sighs. She closes her eyes and he looks away. She can barely breathe and she makes herself tiny and she begins to tremble.

Y entonces ocurre, despiertan mis labios
Pronuncian tu nombre tartamudeando.
Supongo que piensas que chica más tonta
Y me quiero morir.

Pero el tiempo se para y te acercas diciendo
Yo no te conozco y ya te echaba de menos.
Cada mañana rechazo el directo
Y elijo este tren.

Then suddenly this happens, her lips wake up and begin to pronounce his name as a stutter. She bets he thinks “what a crazy chick!” and she want to die.

But time stops still, and he nears her saying “I don’t know you and yet I missed you. Every morning I take the long way and choose this train.”

Y ya estamos llegando, mi vida ha cambiado
Un día especial este once de marzo.
Me tomas la mano, llegamos a un túnel
Que apaga la luz.

Te encuentro la cara, gracias a mis manos.
Me vuelvo valiente y te beso en los labios.
Dices que me quieres y yo te regalo
El último soplo de mi corazón.

And they’re almost there, her life’s changed. This date, March 11th is now a special day. He grabs her hand as they enter a tunnel which turns off the lights.

She finds his face with her hands, gets bold and kisses him on the lips. He tells her he loves her and she gives him the last breath of her heart.


So there you have it, for those English speakers here, lovely tale of finding love. Except I found out that this song was a tribute. See, March 11, 2004 was the day of the Madrid train bombings. I was listening to this song when I went down and started reading the comments. Someone made mention of the date but nothing really was elaborated so I searched the date online. I nearly teared up, I couldn’t I was still at work getting ready to go home, but man, that was tough realizing that what she meant by giving him her last breath of her heart.

It is a beautiful song, and now sad, and I imagine if something like this did happen, then they’re still together for eternity somewhere. Choking up again…

Also, notice the guy sporting the “Life is too short for bad music” tshirt.

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