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I love reading and especially writing. Its one of the reasons I maintain two blogs. its also the reason I follow @ChiTribBooks and as many authors and literary people, like @amyguth, @ann_aguirre, @Jamie1km, etc. and aspiring (or accomplished) writers/bloggers like @zombie_joe and @worldofhiglet and @kiala. I can go on and on.

Amy Guth, while writing for ChicagoNow‘s Chicago Subtext, had some badass mini flash fiction contests. She would provide an image of some random thing and have us write a ‘complete story” in 100 words or less. I wrote about it on this blog in September.

As I said, I love writing, and as part of the Year of the Edgar movement, I need to push myself to write more. I could just sit down and do it, but I want to try something similar to the flash fiction.

I want you to help me write some short stories. Either email the requests to edgar at edgargarcia dot com or post them as a comment below. I will not be limiting myself to 100 words or less, although I will make them as brief as possible. Your rules. i only ask that you not give me inappropriate guidelines. I reserve the right to reject a request, also, whatever is given to me is assumed to be given to me as being my property for legal purposes, although just contact me if you wish to discuss legalities and such, I’m just a tiny blog anyway.

The point is, give me as much information about what you want me to write about as you want. A character, a word, an item, a genre, use certain word or words or items in a story… its endless. Again, don’t limit me to a certain number of words (like “it has to be under 100 words”). I will try to write the stories as small as I can. I may even get creative and mix multiple ideas into one story. I’d like to get at least five different sources more is better (sources means people, you can send me as many separate ideas as you like but I want a bunch of people to participate so help spread the word.) My plan is to see if I have enough story ideas that I can then post some sort of vote and see which one people want me to elaborate more on. This way you guys get more story/content for free. I may even incorporate more “throw ideas at me” to further the story.

Help me out. I want to write for you guys. What will I write? Its up to you!


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  1. @yeseningles Says:

    I would like you to finish (or at this point recreate) the murder/mystery story you wrote about me & my grammar school friends years ago. #DotY

  2. Chris Feyrer Says:

    Sounds like my http://onewordonestory.blogspot.com one word one story project!

    I would like you to write a story about you and Felicia Day switching bodies like in Freaky Friday.

  3. Beckotronic Says:

    I’ll give it a shot:
    The main character finds himself/herself awake in a bathtub filled with ice, after a long night of debauchery in Las Vegas.

    Please fit in the phrase, “That’s a-spicy meatball!”

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