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I went ahead and bought the Sims 3. I created a few characters:

The Guild

Its soo weird to be able to do this and if I had the time, I’d totally write up a whole story with these guys and see how it went… Please let me know if you own this game and decide to do this too… I will be extra impressed if you make a sim of me 🙂

There’s me:

Edgar Garcia

I aspire to be a top police enforcement officer… not much to choose from. My traits are family, hopeless romantic, lucky, and other things that describe me well. I already got him a job in the law enforcement track. Figured someone has to work. I’ll find jobs for the others soon.

There’s Felicia Day (Codex):

Felicia Day

I made her a bit like Codex but a bit like Felicia too… she aspires to be a guitarist and master speaker… I did not see an actor option. Her traits include neurotic, charismatic, and others. I already noticed that she HAS to check the stove to see if its off sometimes…

Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo):

Sandeep Parikh

I made him way more like Zaboo because its hilarious… he gets scared easily, a hopeless romantic, can be annoying and his Simian (whatever the language is) sounds JUST LIKE HIM! That was eerie. I swear he said Sandeep once too. Anyway, it will be interesting how he turns out in the game.

Finally, saved the best for last, Jeff Lewis (Vork):

Jeff Lewis

He is a mooch, very frugal, and already seems very anal. His casual clothing is suit and tie and sneakers. Funny that when I went to make him, the dude already had the bald hair style. Weird. Anyway, in this Sims, you cant’ choose height, but I set him as lanky, since it will distinguish him as tall then. I figure I will send this guy off to other houses to eat from their food. lol (squab!) When he views thing, the thought bubble shows the golden dollar sign, like he’s thinking of selling it for the simoleans.

Now, I haven’t done anything with them, just had them freely do anything. I noticed that everyone seemed willing to sleep with Felicia (big surprise there) but then two of the guys were sleeping and I found out it was just that they have to consider each other friends is all. I plan on adding more cast to other homes and have them all interact and see what happens… I will also make up significant others specifically for each char and see if I can get them to fall for each other. So if Felicia, Sandeep, or Jeff have specific desires as to their significant other should look like, let me know before I move on to that part of this game lol.

I will leave you with some more screen shots I took:

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  1. worldofhiglet Says:


    Great job, Edgar! Now you need to add a Sean Becker, tied to a chair in Felicia’s apartment…oh – did I type that out loud?

  2. RobinInSeoul Says:

    LOL! Higlet! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Yesenia Says:

    I loooooooooove the Sims! They look so much like their human selves. I wonder if a certain sister will be added to the cast. Hmm…. I am moving back in so I can play The Sims ALL day.

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