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Its my year baby!

Its my year baby!

2008 is but a memory. I had a wonderful year full of several fun events and meeting new people and just being plain old me. Its been one of the better years in my life and I have no other place to go but up. This year needs to be even better than the last one. Simply because I feel like it and I said so.

I am of the belief that you should be filled with as much confidence as possible. Its better that way. There’s a term called self-fulfilling prophecy, negative people end up making their fears happen. Why can’t positive people end up making their desires come true too? With that in mind, I decided to make this Year of the Edgar. Its obviously a chinese zodiac reference, also, some of the Guildies have, for some reason, been referencing me as “the Edgar”. It all works out!

Here’s the thing… http://yearoftheedgar.com <- this is my new website. It will chronicle my awesome year as well as anyone having great experiences while following my philosophy. There’s even a banner you can add to your website. Please do. I will make me smile greatly if you can use my mug on your website(s).

Welcome to the Year of the Edgar.

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So I was sitting, watching ABC7 Chicago News between 10 pm and 10:30 pm specifically because @jerrytaft the weatherdude extraordinaire on my local ABC station said there would be a twitter-related story. Turns out it was the one @jennydecki was interviewed for earlier and I almost was interviewed for. I was almost on the news… and yet I was on the news. Check it out here!

Yes, my twitter page got some exposure as they splashed it on the screen for a few seconds. Funny enough, the latest tweet was about the Lambada. The real stars were Jenny and @leahjones, twelebrities… A couple of people I should meet were also featured.

Featured on ABC7 Chicago News

Featured on ABC7 Chicago News

Please… no pictures!

You can read more about Jenny Gniadecki on her blog: http://jennydecki.com/
Leah Jones can be found on her blog: http://leahj.blog-city.com/
The ABC7 Twitter Story is here: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=6600798

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