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Bad news: I must cancel the karaoke fun Saturday. Quite upsetting, actually, since I LOVE to do karaoke. Yes, everyone’s hopes were up I know, I wanted to film it and everything. I had called today to try and book the room too but no one answered. All the better…

Good news: The reason I had to cancel was because I get to visit my family out of town! I am always busy and never get to do things like that.

Apologies all around, but sometimes priorities change around on people. With the holidays fast approaching, I will have to reschedule for another time. My birthday’s in April so I could always do something then. Whatever that may be.

*UPDATE* I left the biggest thing out… my wonderful cousin had a baby tonight. She is one of two cousins born the same year as me.

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  1. Chris F Says:

    There will be Comiocon kareoke for Guildies! There has to be. 🙂

  2. Chris F Says:

    Comicocon. Comimicococonon.

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