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This is my sister Yesenia (@yeseningles) and me on my birthday singing some duet. Karaoke is fun. My coworker, Rhett (@rsutphin), is an amateur photographer and has FINALLY uploaded the shots he took on my birthday. Check out his set here.

I’ve been wanting to host a Chicago karaoke party for a while and this finally has prompted me to write about it. I would like to set this up for December 6th. Its at Lincoln Karaoke. Next month, mostly to gauge interest. If enough interested people can’t make it on that date, we can move things around, but I want to schedule it by next week.

Its my aim to get as many people into that place as possible… or just me, I can do either. For those of you that have accompanied me on a karaoke event, you know this event is one not to miss… For those of you that haven’t, ask someone else about it. Please let me know in comments about interest.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Should I come with bells on my toes?

  2. 1god Says:

    That sounds cool. Looks like I could make it that night. The later the better.

  3. thefemgeek Says:

    I should be able to make it. Sounds like a great Saturday night. Can’t sing though

  4. Gordon Says:

    I would come – but we’d have to invite @Zesmerelda and @silverbell on twitter – I owe them a song. (Last time I did karaoke – after they dared me – they bailed)

  5. bobbidigital Says:

    I might have a conflict, I’ll know soon. If I don’t I’m there.

  6. Yesenia Says:

    Si. Will there be two Yesenia’s there? We may have to activate our wonder twin powers.

  7. rachel Says:

    i’m in! no videos this time tho. 🙂

  8. dylanorion Says:

    Me and @sevynn7s may come, it depends how things look closer to the date

  9. bookgnome Says:

    sounds like fun. will try to talk the Gf into also joining us.

  10. kadavy Says:

    I like!

  11. out in the deep - or - Things to DO in Chicago « Tales of the Deep Says:

    […] Not only has Edgar Garcia won the internet (http://iwintheinternet.com/) – he’s also established himself as quite the Karaoke King! Â Don’t believe me? Â Come join his karaoke night tweetup on December 6th at Lincoln Karaoke. Â He’s got a whole post about the hows and the whys on his blog. Â You can read more about it (and RSVP!) here: Â http://edgargarcia.com/2008/11/happy-birthday-to-me-eight-months-later […]

  12. Doc Midnight Says:

    @silverbell told me I need to do this so I’m there and I’ll make sure @bobbidigital clears his calandar too!

  13. rachelbaker Says:

    I have already started practicing my karaoke vocals.
    I think we should demand that TheFemGeek does at least ONE song!

  14. Lixoarte Says:

    I am interested, it sounds like fun.

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