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I met Johann today. Tuesday, November 18th at the gym. See, I haven’t been to the gym in forever and a day. I was to come Monday but I was feeling ill. So today, I went for a quick cardio.

Arrived at the lockers and began changing into my workout clothes. “I am happy to see that you are here.” I heard next to me.

“Its hard but its so worth it.” This man continued. “I’m married and I knew I needed to do something about my weight. I weighed 270 lbs and its taken four years.” I did not ask what he weighed now but he was definitely fit. He still had a small gut but this guy was definitely fit and not 270 lbs any more. I say he had to be in his fifties.

“There are no BIG old guys.” He proclaimed. “I just looked around me and realized that every old guy I see is skinny. I had to do something about it if I wanted to get older. There are no BIG old guys.” Talk about eye openers. I mean, I know/knew about this whole obese people die faster thing, but no one every put it so eloquently.

He went on to mention that he attends OA sometimes weekly. Overeaters Anonymous. I am very confident that I don’t need to attend, but such a proclamation was very calming. This man has a problem and he is working through it.

“My name is Johann.” He said as I took and shook his hand. I told him “Mine’s Edgar.” and he responded, “Nice to meet you, Edgar.”

I went on to do a fifteen-minute elliptical machine workout. Something quick, I did about 1.2 miles, I had to meet friends out and then work on some school stuff, and finally, this blog.

Back at the locker room, I saw Johann once again, mention to him that I will be at the gym tomorrow (Wednesday 19th) and thanked him. “Keep it up, Edgar, its so worth it.” He reiterated.

Johann, I had resolved to give working out a better shot this time around before I met you. Now, I am even that more excited to prove to myself that I can do this. I can make myself healthier.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I’m hoping that meeting Johann was the final thing I needed to happen for me to really stick to my workout. I want to grow old with someone. That definitely can’t happen until I save myself. My health needs to improve. My health will improve.

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Sibling duet

Originally uploaded by Rhett Sutphin

This is my sister Yesenia (@yeseningles) and me on my birthday singing some duet. Karaoke is fun. My coworker, Rhett (@rsutphin), is an amateur photographer and has FINALLY uploaded the shots he took on my birthday. Check out his set here.

I’ve been wanting to host a Chicago karaoke party for a while and this finally has prompted me to write about it. I would like to set this up for December 6th. Its at Lincoln Karaoke. Next month, mostly to gauge interest. If enough interested people can’t make it on that date, we can move things around, but I want to schedule it by next week.

Its my aim to get as many people into that place as possible… or just me, I can do either. For those of you that have accompanied me on a karaoke event, you know this event is one not to miss… For those of you that haven’t, ask someone else about it. Please let me know in comments about interest.

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