Edgar of all trades

Master of all (AWS)

I’ve met some really nice people through my networking efforts. Mostly, I have Felicia Day to thank really since her fans have been amazing.

I’ve asked around for some fun design work and people have responded. I will discuss them all in time but I wanted to point this one out since there was a blog post with it and I can link to it.

Matt Brackney has been doing some work for The Guild and I asked if he would cartoonify me as a Guild character and he did! He’s awesome at this stuff, though I do kinda wish my character had glasses like me and maybe the braided beard was just my goatee since they tend to identify me the most (though I am not one to complain about this), its a wonderful drawing for sure! Check it out here on Squareternal.

I’ve had others work on some items for me and I hope to create a separate page to showcase some of these things. Particularly, Katie Durham‘s wonderful idea for a change in my blog.

If anyone else has anything Edgar-related they want to show me or want me to showcase please let me know… I get a kick out of all of this creativity I have been shown… especially when its about me.


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  1. worldofhiglet Says:

    Awesome is as awesome does, as someone probably says somewhere. Edgar the dwarf looks pretty badass!

    And I love SuperEdgar – all useful, all the time!

  2. Katie Durham Says:

    Ha, the pink bow is a nice touch. 😀
    Edgar FTW!

  3. Matt B. Says:

    I’m not sure how “awessome” I am, but thanks for including me. 😀

  4. Tony Banando Says:

    You as a dwarf rocks pretty hard. i like it

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