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I was fortunate enough to attend a party with author/writer/awesome person Amy Guth, sponsored by Method and I had a blast! It was partially the fact that I was basically the only man and a handful of beautiful women. That was a plus. Add to that, @TheLiquidMuse running a little alcohol mixer class where we learned how to make several drinks, one of which was an awesome cucumber infused mohito. You can check her blog out at http://theliquidmuse.com. The pictures and the party itself was run by @Syro228. The place was great and the appetizers were divine. @leahjones and @iteachcomputers attended this party as well as others.

Aside the wonderful people I met, the bartending class that happened, some other highlights were the photobooth and gift bag we received at the end of the party. Yes, swag!!! I’ve tried out their non-toxic cleaning products and they smell and handle nicely. I will be converting the family as soon as possible, those chemicals they use when cleaning definitely is not good for us. Seems like their tactics worked on me lol.

This is just another perk of twitter and the contacts I am making on it. Score another point for social media!

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  1. Dani Says:

    Fun picture!
    I’m not much of a party person, but sounds like it was fun! =]

    And u do have a special talent of being the only men in a room full of women, uh? Online, offline…

  2. Natalie - The Liquid Muse Says:

    Hi Edgar,

    Thank you for coming to the class. You were a great cocktail-maker (as demonstrated in this fab photo of you shaking “high and proud!”)
    Great to meet you and your awesomely fun friends. I love getting your tweets!
    All best, Natalie (aka: The Liquid Muse)

  3. worldofhiglet Says:

    Great picture, Edgar!

    Though, when you said you taking a class I had imagined, in my naive way, that it was related to computers. Or vintage D&D. Or Leet. You know, something less useful! Sounds like you all had fun 🙂

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