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I was fortunate enough to attend a party with author/writer/awesome person Amy Guth, sponsored by Method and I had a blast! It was partially the fact that I was basically the only man and a handful of beautiful women. That was a plus. Add to that, @TheLiquidMuse running a little alcohol mixer class where we learned how to make several drinks, one of which was an awesome cucumber infused mohito. You can check her blog out at http://theliquidmuse.com. The pictures and the party itself was run by @Syro228. The place was great and the appetizers were divine. @leahjones and @iteachcomputers attended this party as well as others.

Aside the wonderful people I met, the bartending class that happened, some other highlights were the photobooth and gift bag we received at the end of the party. Yes, swag!!! I’ve tried out their non-toxic cleaning products and they smell and handle nicely. I will be converting the family as soon as possible, those chemicals they use when cleaning definitely is not good for us. Seems like their tactics worked on me lol.

This is just another perk of twitter and the contacts I am making on it. Score another point for social media!

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I had an interesting several days in Seattle this past weekend. Not that my days are ever not interesting.

Edgar grew a mini-tumor-head of Felicia Day.Yes, Felicia Day and I finally met in person. I also met several really great people within her inner circle, one in particular that was both really cool and nice to me and knows who they are. It was exciting. She really looked star-struck. I have that effect on people. Cause I’m awesome. Modesty aside, let me begin from the beginning because if I start at the end, then Quentin Tarantino will totally sue me, or at least destroy me…

Before PAX

My adventure basically began two months before Comic-Con. I wanted to attend it, but by that time, it was way too expensive for me to attend. Felicia Day pointed me to PAX and suggested I look into it. I’ve been working my day job for about two years without a real vacation and I needed something to detox. Then, out of the blue, Felicia’s website was mentioned on the Penny Arcade comic. Havoc ensued. We had just been hit by Dr. Horrible flood of hits and PAX pushed it over the top. I found myself spending a week transferring over her websites to a new host. That did it, I HAD to go to PAX.

Seattle or Bust!

Edgar Garcia on a boat with Seattle SkylineI Arrived Thursday morning so I would have at least one day in Seattle. I upgraded my flight but ended up with “SSSS” on my ticket… means extra security and my stuff had to be checked. I didn’t care, first class rocks! I got a bit drunk on screwdrivers (several) and watched Young at Heart and was an emotional mess real quick. I’ve been wanting to watch that movie since before it was released. Off the plane, I rode a town car taxi downtown to try my luck at the Hotel. No luck! Check-in was at 3 pm and it was like 10:30 am. So I ended up taking the double deckered tour bus around town. I jumped off at the marina and hopped on the Argosy. I had their “famous” Bloody Mary… it was delish! Its my vacation, I never drink, so I was due. I had a late lunch/early dinner, seafood, and a beer. Jumped back on the bus when it passed by again and went back to check in. This day of excellence would not end there, for I went out to see a movie. I didn’t want to do anything else so I saw the X-Files (find it yourself too lazy to link). The best part was I had decided to walk around the block by my hotel and found someone was showing Hot Fuzz in the open on the side of a building. Score! I ended my evening with that. The weather was nice and cool too.

This is so PAX-inating!

Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh and Edgar Garcia on The Guild signing PAX08As I mentioned before, I finally got to meet Felicia Day. I’ve been working for her for almost a year now… or with her… with her. I am her webmaster. Yes, I actually have two “Day” jobs… one’s at night… I couldn’t trust anyone else to do her justice so I volunteered. Its My Side Job. Felicia is the nicest person I have ever met. She is also totally humble and down to earth. In actuality, since I started this with her, I’ve had a constant stream of conversations with her daily and so I wasn’t surprised since I had the same idea about her for a long time. I am sure she had the same of me, I don’t know, I hope she talks about me so I don’t have to ask… An awesome dude in his own right, meeting Sandeep Parikh was just as cool, if not cooler (sorry Felicia). He owns Effin Funny and created Legend of Neil. Both projects are very funny and shows Sandeep’s creativity.
Sandeep Parikh on The Guild signing PAX08Sandeep seems pretty laid back, but he will surprise you. He IS laid back, but he is always working. His writing on LoN shows this too. Sandeep’s breaking out and will become very big real soon. Mark my words. He already has a project with Comedy Central. I hope to keep in communications with this man and hopefully interact with him further in the future. Definitely wouldn’t mind working with him if possible. I met his brother there too, he’s the one that filmed The Guild Panel on my YouTube stream on my camcorder. The Parikhs seem to be all laid back because I got him laying on a comfty Sumo bean bag, check it out in my PAX set on my flickr! He says that since Sandeep looks much like him, he could always take over should something happen… Watch out Sandeep! Aside the Parikhs, I also got to meet Kim Evey and Greg Benson. Two of the hardest working internet web show gods. They’re also married to each other, which I can’t seem to think a better couple out there.Kim Evey and Edgar Garcia at PAX08Greg Benson and Edgar Garcia at PAX08Kim is the one on the left in case you didn’t know. Kim produces The Guild with Felicia. Kim is also Kiko of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, where she plays a Japanese host to a Japanese-like show similar to Pee Wee’s Playhouse. It was recently picked up by Sony, under the CSpot on YouTube. Greg directs and produces Gorgeous Tiny under Mediocre Films but Greg is a giant in his own right. Check out his website and his YouTube channel mediocrefilms for everything he’s put up. Retarded Policeman is a great short starring an amazing actor/comedian, Josh Perry or Ponceman to his friends, with Down syndrome. I spent a considerable amount of time with Greg and Kim and I am so happy I did. It makes me want to just sit down with them and pick their brains. Again, mark my words, mark them! These two are going places.

So what happened at PAX?

I spent most of my time at The Guild booth helping out. I am a gamer, but secretly, I used PAX as an excuse to meet my new friends. I seriously support their indie work and I represented with my famous Photoshop’d shirt, the back has several show/website logos that the above four are involved in. I will avoid adding more pics since they are neatly in a set on flickr There you will find me and Wil Wheaton, me and Jonathan Coulton, JoCo and Felicia right after their duet/collaboration on stage. My twitter shirt featuring Dudley from Diff’rent Strokes, Shavar Ross. you can also view the few videos I took at PAX on my YouTube channel. I got to meet so many PAX volunteers, they made that convention. They were on top of everything. Made my first con experience that much better. I made sure to take a picture with most of the Enforcers that made it so for me at least. I did miss a few of them though, but not forgotten. Being in Felicia’s posse gave me backstage access to the concert and privy to the Felicia secret. I also acted as her on-site agent as the media started coming to me when everyone else was busy. That was cool. Also, I was “promised” a dinner and Felicia delivered. We discussed her websites of course (and much more that I’m keeping to myself). Saw Tycho of Penny Arcade groom Felicia, a pic and a video by me exists. Aside that, I got to meet some interesting people, fans of The Guild, and some new to it but they’ve heard good things. oh and I got to sign one lucky individual’s The Guild DVD. He asked.


I flew back early Monday morning. Woke up at 4am for a 6am flight. Got back to Chicago at noon Central time. It took me this long to post this because I’ve been busy with the PAX influx hitting Felicia’s websites again. This time, I think we may have figured out a more permanent solution. We will see though. I am left with the desire to fly to L.A. and visit my new friends, particularly, when they are shooting so I can experience it. I offered to do craft services, maybe Felicia will take me up on it. The remainder of this week was so I could lounge around at home and see what I could do. Mostly, figuring out how to grab my video from my new Sony camcorder, and playing Grand Theft Auto 4… and my Day job too. Those four days I spent in Seattle has helped me feel better. I had fun. Met lots of people, and hopefully some will convert to real/good friends.

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