Edgar of all trades

Master of all (AWS)

I might as well be named John Smith. My name is a very common name and it is difficult to find me online through search engines.

This is a bit annoying, since I kind of feel like I don’t know who I am because of this. Well, I do know myself, but I would like to show that I am unique. No, I am not a doctor nor a soccer player, that’s not me.

Who am I? Good question! Its a hard one to answer too since I am sort of discovering my social network personality now. I am myself. I am not a corporate personality. I have nothing against them either, its just that sometimes corporate branding takes precedence before self-branding.

I am Edgar Garcia. I want to make a difference. I work for the Cancer Center at Northwestern University on an application that ultimately makes life much easier for the different facilities that contribute directly to the battle against cancer.

Personally, I help people that ask for my help. This usually means I need to learn something new and different to help. I do what I can with what I got. My close friends know that I am there to listen when they need me. My extended friends, like on twitter, know that I can give them advice or support should they need it. I’m here to make friends. I enjoy friends, and so its great getting to know people. I will be posting a blog on the latest ColonelMeetUp (Twitter-based meetup hosted by @ColonelTribune)

I also have this desire to entertain people. I can be funny at times (Especially when I win the internet), and I’ve always wanted to do video since I was younger. I may still pursue that somehow for fun. I have a day job, but if someone would like me to do some acting or something, I’d find the time.

Edgar of all trades will fill out nicely once I start adding new categories and showing what I can do.

As for googling my name, @Fitz suggested I get my name and link on different websites. Please help me out by using my full name when linking to my blog.

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