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Ok, so I am currently thinking I should change my blog’s template.

I’m missing a sidebar.  Its a nice template, but no place to add other things like widgets.

I have one of two things I can do. I can look for a new template and leave this nice theme of a template, or I can work on editing this baby and converting it to a widget-ready sidebar extravaganza.  I’m leaning towards converting it and becoming a WordPress Template Master.

It will give me some of the innerworkings of the templating system used here, but I am worried that others may want to exploit these future abilities.

I guess only time will tell.

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Yep, I save the world from the evils of spam and php bugs… or at least Felicia Day‘s world.

In her recent blog, This Place Looks Better! she writes about my part in updating her website once again, and if you haven’t noticed, she’s moved on up to a dot com. Not that there’s anything wrong with dot net (Ruby on Rails all the way!).

Funny thing’s that she really does it all. Heck, what little I do for her is mainly because I slowly usurped it from her. Poor woman need an assistant, she does it all. Then again, that’s her job, isn’t it? Me? I have a day job.

So how did I end up in this situation? Well, it was a crazy random happenstance.

It started off with a very strange random youtube search where I found The Guild – Episode 1: Wake-Up Call. It lead me to her website where my nerdyness found some misspellings… I emailed her, also suggested should she have “website questions” she could ask… she did.

Question answered, I conceded to being a Flog reader.  She had just started blogging. I kept commenting about getting her to install forums. She seems very approachable… since she acquiesced.  I think its partly why she is and will be a huge success.

I shortly became the moderator of the forums, then quickly admin to help her completely moderate her forums, since I asked for the forums.

From there, she needed help updating her other website, http://www.watchtheguild.com. This is how it all began. I wanted to help her however I could so that she had more time to devote to her guild project (which I loved) and to whatever other projects she had.

I like that she’s made it a fan-centric web series, and I think that helped her garner three distinct internet awards. SXSW: On Networks Greenlight Awards, Yahoo! Video Awards: Best Series, and 2007 Youtube Awards: Best Series. Not too shabby.

So, here I am, working for “the man”, “the man” being a beautiful red-head, with a genius mind, from social networking/self-promoting, to writing, producing, and starring in a hit web series. This star is rising, and rising fast. That’s a good thing, because we will be privy to some wonderful performances like her recent one in Joss Whedon’s entry into the internet web series domain that is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog as Penny, co-starring with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.

In case anyone wondered, there’s my story. I got lucky, and I know that this luck can always run out. My main goal is friendships. Hers, and/or the people I have been meeting on her forums. I need to expand my friend network.

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