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So yesterday I went back to the gym after a two month hiatus…

I stopped going when I went to Portland for RailsConf.  I decided to go yesterday because I was feeling down and I needed to distract myself.

Don’t work out while sad or dealing with rejection… I was on the Elliptical machine for 30 minutes and did 2 miles. That, for a normal healthy guy is fine or even a little weak… lets not forget that I am obese and very out of shape. I mean, I was fine, I have great stamina anyway… it was the attempted crunches that really did me in.

Yes, its the hardest thing for me to do, of the things I actually can/will do. I did about 20 barely and as I did the last one, my stomach decided to compress and become a singularity/black hole inside me.
I was in pain for about 5 minutes until it subsided and I could actually walk.

I woke up tired this morning and was so all day. Didn’t go today, but I will again Thursday… tomorrow I get to watch Batman in imax at Navy Pier with my coworkers after work.

I’ve kept ten pound off me from when I first started working out from work (at the nice expensive work-related gym).  My mini-goal is to be ten pounds lighter by the time I go to PAX in Seattle.

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I’ve done it. I actually worked on adding a sidebar widget thing to this template. It was frustrating because I could not remember that in CSS the dot means class and hash means id… for example:

.sidebar = class=”sidebar”

#sidebar = id=”sidebar

Anyway, this was “fun” but at least I can figure out the layout problems… Oh, and I edited all the needed images to make it look better.

Task complete.

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